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Choosing the right healthcare professional is challenging.  Track record, experience, hands-on professional skills and good communication is all part of the mix.  Dr Tat Loo helps make the chiropractic choice easy for you.  His focus is on giving you healthy drug free chiropractic options for lifetime well being and performance. 

Dr Loo began practice in 2006 and opened his Dunedin clinic in Hanover St in 2007 under the name "BodyMind & Spine".  In 2014 Dr Loo extended his practice to Mosgiel where he lives today with his family as Mosgiel's local chiropractor. 

Today, Dr Loo is Dunedin's longest serving board registered chiropractor.

Dr Tat Loo, Chiropractor

Dr Loo is active in the New Zealand Chiropractors Association (NZCA) and is a full member of both the New Zealand Pain Society (NZPS) and International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP). He completed his B.Chiro at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic in 2005. 

Whilst in practice Dr Loo completed further studies through the Newcastle School of Medicine and Public Health (NSW), graduating with a Master of Pain Medicine in 2010.

Dr Loo contributes to the New Zealand chiropractic profession by assisting the New Zealand Chiropractic Board and the New Zealand Chiropractors' Association from time to time.

Prior to his clinical career Dr Loo was a manufacturing operations professional and corporate management consultant. He has previously instructed in Tai Chi, Chi Kung, meditation and traditional Japanese martial arts.
Chiropractor and client
Chiropractor adjusting a patient

The Living Spine Philosophy In One Sentence

"A living spine supports the body and nourishes the brain."

That's the foundation of Dr Loo's practice in Mosgiel and Dunedin.

Using traditional chiropractic principles and combining drug free healthcare concepts from both East and West, Dr Loo developed an advanced "head to toes" adjusting technique.

Built into every living cell is an innate intelligence for well being, healing and happiness. This innate intelligence works at its best when it connects you to the world through a healthy, well adjusted living spine.

Physical deterioration (eg. from prior injuries, trauma, aging or repetitive strain), stress and harmful chemical/nutritional conditions can push your living spine out of adjustment. Dysfunction builds up and locks up if not adjusted and corrected. Being out of adjustment can leave you more vulnerable to health problems and reduced well being.

There's no need to wait. You can choose lifetime well being. Choose chiropractic care with Dr Tat Loo at Living Spine by booking online or calling us.

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