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At Living Spine we provide safe, effective care for all ages from 7 days old. 

Chiropractors have been caring for those in Otago and Southland young and old for around 100 years.
Short term care for short term solutions or long term care for long term wellbeing - it's your choice.

Chiropractic care works most powerfully with consistent, regular adjusting visits once acute issues have been dealt with. Many Living Spine patients see Dr Loo every two to eight weeks for maintenance and well being adjustments.
Dr Loo's technique focuses on understanding precisely where your body requires the chiropractic adjustments. At Living Spine we use both traditional and low force adjusting techniques. We have your safety in mind at all times when choosing the right adjustments for you.
At Living Spine we advocate a natural, conservative, non-invasive approach to well being.

Dr Loo has a practice philosophy of “caring for health” as opposed to “caring for sickness”.
Chiropractors have traditionally advised on minimising the use of invasive approaches to health as we know that the body’s actions lean towards wellbeing and are usually adaptive, intelligent and purposeful.

Many people have a lowered tolerance for the strain that drugs and surgery imposes on the body. If that applies to you, the use of chiropractic care may be especially.
Whether you choose to see a chiropractor for a first or second opinion, or a tenth for that matter, please come and see us at Living Spine to see what difference we can make to you. 

For health and performance challenges radiating from your spine, joints or nerves we believe that you cannot make a better choice than seeking advice from Dr Loo.
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