Who Can We Help?

Anyone who wants to experience natural drug-free, non-surgical chiropractic care for their living spine. Dr Loo's holistic "head to toes" adjusting technique was developed over many years in practice. It is designed to deal with stress, support the body and nourish the brain on the path to daily well being and performance.

The healing journey from being broken to lifetime well being is the best one you will ever take.

Chiropractic adjustments work through your living spine to reduce stress, support the body and nourish the brain.

How we can help:

If you are an athlete, powerlifter, body sculptor, yoga practitioner or gym trainer.
Improving your walking, running, cycling or swimming.
Pregnancy or post-partum.
Supporting your body for physical work: drivers, tradies, labourers, process workers.
Training as a martial artist, boxer or in MMA.
Wanting to excel as a musician, dancer or performance artist.
Improving your spinal and postural well being.
Decreasing stress or overwork.
Decreasing niggly discomforts and stiffness.
Reducing suffering from acute, chronic or occupational pain.
Accident injures, post-concussion or whiplash associated syndromes.
Repetitive strain, overuse or long term wear and tear.

A complete adjustment 

Dr Loo has refined a powerful "head to toes" adjusting technique that he would be proud to offer to those closest to him. You and your loved ones can now benefit from this technique as well. Each visit Dr Loo will address your overall spinal health then focus on specific issues that concern you. His professional goal is to deliver to you as much positive chiropractic change as possible each and every visit.

If it is safe and appropriate to adjust you on your first (New Patient) visit, Dr Loo will do so. He does not believe in making you wait longer than necessary for the hands-on care that you have been needing and waiting for.

Dr Loo uses a combination of manual "by hand" adjustments, "drop table" adjustments and advanced instrument-based ("Impulse" style) adjusting techniques. His extensive experience means that he is very approachable and able to adapt his adjusting technique to best suit your individual needs and preferences.

Dr Tat Loo, Chiropractor adjusting a patient
Baby having chirpractic treatment on feet

Safe for babies and infants

In general, we are able to provide chiropractic care to full term babies from 7 days of age onwards. If your baby or infant is constantly unsettled, distressed, in pain or persistently irritable see a chiropractor now. 

Specialised gentle adjusting methods employing minimal force are used.

Our technology

Dr Loo uses advanced technologies to enhance his chiropractic adjusting system and improve your care including:

  • Chiropractic drop tables from top United States manufacturers Zenith and Chattanooga.
  •  World leading chiropractic posture analysis software.
  • Advanced United States designed instrument adjusting technology (Impulse IQ and similar).

X-Rays only when necessary

We do not require x-rays to be taken for most patients unless there is clear suspicion of pathology or clinically relevant abnormality. 
Chiropractic adjustment tools
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